Island of Occidental Mindoro


1306 cULVER pL.



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Occidental Mindoro

The Island of Mindoro

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Mindoro is the fourth-largest island in the Philippines. It is located in southwestern Luzon, just northeast of Palawan. In past times, it has been called Ma-I or Mait by ancient Chinese traders and, by Spaniards, as Mina de Oro (meaning "gold mine") from where the island got its current name. The island was divided into its two present-day provinces, Occidental Mindoro and Oriental Mindoro, in 1950. Before then, since 1921, the entire island was one province.



The economy of Mindoro is largely based on agriculture. Products consist of a wide variety of fruits, such as citrus, bananas, lanzones, rambutan, and coconuts, such grains as rice and corn, sugar cane, peanuts, fish (catfish, milkfish,tilapia), livestock, and poultry. Logging and the mining of marble and copper also thrive.

Tourism is a lucrative business as well, with locations such as Apo Reef National Park, Lubang Island, Puerto Galera, Sabang Beach, and Mount Halcon.



The principal language in Mindoro is Tagalog, although in some parts it has been greatly influenced by the native Visayan and Mangyan languages. Mainstream Filipino and Taglish are, indeed, present in and around such areas as Puerto Galera and Calapan City. Visayan and Mangyan languages, too, are spoken on the island, as are Ilokano and some foreign languages — e.g., English, Fukien, and, to a much lesser extent, Spanish.

The common religions on the island fall under Christianity. The religion of the indigenous Mangyan population is animism.



Mindoro is also home to the Tamaraw or Mindoro dwarf bufallo (Bubalus mindorensis), which is endemic to the island. The Tamaraw is a bovine related to the water buffalo and is an endangered species.

Occidental Mindoro

Occidental Mindoro is a province of the Philippines located in the MIMAROPA region in Luzon. Its capital is Mamburao and occupies the western half of the island of Mindoro; Oriental Mindoro is at the eastern half. The South China Sea is to the west of the province and Palawan is located to the southwest, across Mindoro Strait. Batangas is to the north, separated by the Verde Island Passage.

Population: 2000 Census - 380,205 (21st smallest)

Density: 65 per km2 (9th lowest)

Area: 5,879.9 km2 (11th largest)



Highly urbanized cities - 0

Component cities - 0

Municipalities - 11

Barangays - 162

Congressional districts - 1


Language: Tagalog, Kamangyan

Governor: Jose T. Villarosa (2004-07)


Occidental Mindoro is subdivided into 11 municipalities.




Abra de Ilog . Calintaan . Looc . Lubang . Magsaysay . Mamburao . Paluan . Rizal . Sablayan . San Jose . Santa Cruz (where FMI Mission Work is now located).