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From Andy, New York, February 20, 2006

Dear Irina,

Your singing is amazing; your writing is beautiful. I'm listening to the songs and thinking, "I was dancing Tango with her!!!???

Additionally, you website is about the best I have ever seen -- in and of itself a work of art -- very impressive!

Hope you can make it to NY in between your trips to Austin!

See you,

From Jerry Evans, Fairfax VA, February 17, 2006

One of the hidden talents of DC.  An engrossing and passionate show.  I'm coming back for more. Just wonderful.

From Ernesto, El Paso TX, February 9, 2006

Hey dear,

GOOD JOB!   I’am very impressed. I did't Know you have those beautiful talents. you surprise me.

From Jeff, Findlay OH, February 9, 2006

Love your site and your music! 

From Spencer, February 7, 2006


You are Amazing! I love your voice, and music! It is soothing, and makes me fall in love!

From Pete - heard you at Old Firehouse Grill, Herndon VA, February 3, 2006 
Hi, Irina!  

This is the guy who said you didn't want to see him dance.  I listened to half of your "Invisible Magic" CD on my drive home
to Herndon…I think you're a very talented and unusual performer with a very dramatic presentation of your music and poetry.
It's unique. You must have an interesting life story…Your poetry has already inspired me with an idea for a poem. It 
would be called  "The Arctic Twilight of My Mind".

Here's hoping you a long and prosperous career.  God bless.

AcappellaPete Nelson

From Greg, Silver Spring MD, January 27, 2006

It was really great having you there. You are a natural performer. Very engaging. It was well received by the audience too!

thanks again

From Ruthie, Takoma Park MD, January 27, 2006

Hi Irina. Just wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciated having you on our Jamboree. 
It was definitely a unique night and you were awesome.  That 3 dollar ring's worth a million. THANK YOU! Ruthie

From Irina and Robert Plumlee, Dallas TX, January 3, 2006 
Irin, we got to listen to your CD a few more times over the holiday break and my favorites are tracks #s 5, 9, and 11, 
but this, of course, do not mean that I did not like the rest, rather these are the favorites :).  Very-very nice!  
Vlad was impressed with your interpretation of Robert Burns (I liked it a lot!), and Rob made many a comment regarding
 the high quality of arrangements and all different technical tools used. The only remaining question is: 
When will the next CD hit the stands?? 

From Irina and Robert Plumlee, Dallas TX, December 30, 2005 
Irin, We have just finished listening to your CD and I wanted to tell you right away that it is VERY impressive!!  
Both Robert and I liked it a lot and thought that it is very tasteful and is very professionally done. 
I just like it a lot and am going to listen often and will be ordering a batch of CDs for a few Russian and 
non-Russian friends who, I think, will enjoy.  I hope that my view of your CD as a perfect gift does not trivialize 
the matter in your eyes.  Congrats on a very impressive first project - let the New Year inspire you to more of the same.
 We are ready to start building our "Irina Astra" collection.  Very proud of you!! 

From Ron, Washington DC, December 30, 2005 

Dear Irina,

Very few people on this planet possess and implement creative and expressive gifts to your degree and level.

I tell people, "As soon as Irina takes the stage, she is ON! Everything she says and does is pure performance art. Don't blink or you will miss something."

I don't feel that way about anyone else!


From Hector, Washington DC, Dec 25, 2005


From Alison, Washington DC, July 22, 2005  

I just wanted to let you know, I listened to your CD yesterday, and I was just blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You've hit on such a unique, beautiful, sound, and that's soooo hard to do these days, with everything sounding the same.  All your diverse music interests just came together into one package that makes total sense and is just beautiful to hear.  Lady, you really are onto something ... it's going to be an exciting ride!!!

Now your CD will be one of my primary influences and reference points.  I can't wait to hear the whole thing.  By the way, I think "Love-Blind" is great ... just a gorgeous, seamless, well-structured example of what I hear going on in your music as a whole.  Beautiful.  You go, girl!!!


From Ron Goad, Washington DC, July 21, 2005
Dear Irina Astra,

I really was "wowed" at Stella's by your multifaceted gifts. The performance was most enjoyable in so 
many ways!  I taught Creative Writing courses and English for 30 years, and I recognize that you are an actress, 
a poet, a singer, a guitarist!  One side of you is like a female Jobim! 

Ron Goad

www.saw.org    Songwriters' Association of Washington Board Member
www.focusmusic.org   Focus Music, Inc. Vice President
www.restonherndonfolkclub.com  Reston-Herndon Folk Club Representative
www.nvrpa.org/meadowlark    Meadowlark Gardens Folk Music Event Producer

From Steve Key, Washington DC, 21 July 2005

Hi Irina--
Thanks for your riveting performance -- I love it when an artist can hold the audience's attention so well!

From Natalia, Washington DC, 15 July 2005


Finally all your efforts and talents paid off!!  This is an incredible site, and a big step in the right direction.
Amazing photos and inspiring poetry.  I am very proud of you!! My wishes to you is to keep going and keep 
sharing your talent and beauty with the world.  May your star always shine!!
Always your supporter and devoted friend,

From Adrian, Tokyo, Japan, 10 May 2005

Hola Irina!!
Te mando un saludo desde Japon!!  Yo vi con sorpresa tu website! Te has convertido 
en artista aunque probablemente estaba dentro de ti. Para mi un gran sorpresa ver este "otro lado" de ti. 
No lo podia imaginar que tocaras la guitarra ni mucho menos que podias escribir canciones! 
Un beso,


From Alison, Washington DC, 24 Mar 2005

Hey, it was great seeing you last night.  You truly are stunning to watch.  Your words, already evocative, 
take on another dimension when you perform them, weaving them with song and movement, etc. 

From Brad, Richmond VA, 17 Mar 2005

I've enjoyed reading your poetry and looking at the pictures on your site. You're very talented, and I look 
forward to seeing you read or perform live sometime
in the future. In the meantime, I'll visit your site from time to time to
get updates, new pictures, new poems, etc.


From Andrew, Rockville MD, 14 Mar 2005

hey its andrew thanks for the creds on the site bya.

From Vidal, Los Angeles CA, 12 Mar 2005 

Irina, so glad to see your web sight and finally the beautiful pictures. My hopes are to someday take some photos of you for your collection.  I hope you don't mind I am forwarding your websight to some friends at work, who always wanted to meet you.  As always walk in beauty I will write to you later.  ABRAZOS e BESOS

From Ruthie, Washington DC, 11 Mar 2005

Congratulations Irina! I'll definitely try to see you somewhere! Ruthie

From Leonardo, Austin TX, 11 Mar 2005

I'm very impressed with your passionate writing, the solitude of 
some of your verses hit home in a sweet way. I really enjoy the 
refreshing writing. I'll be waiting for more.

From Dima, Washington DC, 11 Mar 2005

Irka, privet, 
Great site :) I'll definetely will try to attend one of your presentations.

From Shashin, Washington DC, Mar 11 2005

Very nice website Irina!

From Chris Humphrey, Austin TX, Mar 11 2005
Irina,  It's great to hear from you and to see that you are using your time and talents creatively.

From Janna, Washington DC, Thu Mar 10 2005 

Wow! That is very impressive website! It’s a beautiful website. I really like your poems. Janna

 From Tatiana, Moscow Russia, Tue Mar 1 2005

Irisha, I am impressed with your web site. You are great! 

All my best,

From Katya, Boston, Massachusetts, 9 Feb 2005

Irisha, privet!

Posmotrela tvoi site - klassno! i dazhe nashla dve fotki so mnoi :)
you're much more ahead of me - ia do sih por dazhe normal'nyh digital imagei ne
imeiu svoih rabot. Tak chto poka poslat' nechego. Ty sama delala site? tam stol'ko vsego!!!
wow - u tebia takie stihi! Grustnye tol'ko - ty nepopravimyi romantik v samom
luchshem smysle :) Tak hochetsia pesni poslushat' - est' MP3-shki ili eshe
chego? Ty prosto molodets! vidish - DC dal tebe tvorcheskij tolchok, znachit ne
vse tak ploho.


From Badger, Austin TX, Mon Feb 7 2005


The words are beautiful.  You have true talent, that will be rewarded one day...
May your world be filled with creative thoughts and dreams!

From Rick, Bethesda MD, Tue Feb 1 2005

Hello Irina,
Now, I have had a chance to visit your web site. It is a beautiful site. I hope my comment about the 
homepage before was not inappropriately cast, but it is a stunning and evocative page and I loved it.  
Your site is amazing. You should be very proud of it.

The Writer’s Center in Bethesda

From Alison, Washington DC, Thu Jan 20 2004

Nice website - I like the romantic photography.  And I love your poem about the rain.  Very moving. 


From P.F., Puerto Rico, Wed Jan 19 2004

Some of the poems are amazingly good...

i liked the ones on the beast, the three dollar ring and especially the label of the beer, that would make a good song!
still reminds me the songs of Leonard Cohen (and this is a compliment, i like his poems).
he mixes traditional with country, maybe you could do something similar with Russian traditional.

Papito :)

From Bill, Washington DC, Thu 13 Jan 2005

Irina Poetessa!  I've only begun to read your poetry, but the one about the Rain particularly
touched me and made me realize I need to really sit and read them all, slowly, meaningfully, by firelight.  The hasty light of day will not do them justice.

Thanks for speaking your poetic consciousness with your poetic voice.  It reminds me that we never
ever really know another person just by being around them or "doing lunch", or even "doing salsa". Events and gatherings and dates are fine, but it is only those quiet, 3 AM moments when a solitary soul communes with itself or nature, or when joined souls speak to each other -- that the core of existence is really felt.  Your poems speak to such moments.  

I'm only wishing I could understand the ones you've written in Russian!

Regards, Bill

From David, California, Thu 18 Dec 2003

I sit here tonight in the warmth of an early California Autumn, windows open, dark and deserted outside with only the soft glow of amber streetlights, now and then the occasional car passes…I read, I breathe, I rest and take comfort in the words you have written.


At a time when I needed them, your words were there.  I held them, embraced and found solace…from what? From life, from worries, and thoughts that somehow race thru my mind when I am supposed to sleep.


And now, I will lay my head down, remember…does it go unnoticed?  Is there any warmth from the sparkle or light? Can there be a fire to light the way…to give warmth to a weary traveler? Can the traveler now lay his head down and response in the fact that someone else in the universe also feels what he feels? Yes, if even for a moment.


When two bright stars

From Galaxies apart

Meet up in space…

For a moment of eternity…



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