Text Box: reach the whole family as we have now organized  many adult groups in the villages.  
FMI is located on the backside of the island of Occidental Mindoro.  This island faces out to the South China Sea and is mostly rural but at the same time has many people living in the countryside.  Please be part of reaching your hands of love and care across the ocean to those in need of encouragement.  Thank You.
David & Mitzu Grubbs

Text Box: Wow! What a blessing the year 2006 has been to our family… we were blessed with a brand new baby girl,  Natalie who is now 9 months old.  God has also opened many village school doors to Family Missions Intl (FMI)  both with  Elementary and High Schools.  Approximately 2300 students are being taught about Jesus and are learning the Bible. We have been given the opportunity to teach in the schools for the whole school year. The school year ends in April 2007.
Every year we have given school supplies to students in our mission field for the new school year beginning in June 2007. These are students from remote villages whose families could barely support their needs. Giving school supplies to their chil

Text Box: dren has tremendously helped alleviate their financial burdens. Some families have 3-6 children simultaneously studying.  Can you imagine what a blessing it is for them to not have to worry about where to get the money to pay for the school supplies?  It is a small act of kindness that we are able to provide to these stu

Text Box: dents and their parents all because of people like you who are willing to extend a helping hand to share their load.
We have seen first hand how reaching the children and youth first have led us to wonderful opportunities to minister to the parents and other family members.  This is a proven way to





















































































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