South china sea - SOUTHERN LUZON AND island of mindoro





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Mitzu & David Grubbs

Thad & Aurea Y. French

Dr. Lazlo & Beth Legeza

Taal Cottage, Pioneer St. Maharlika

Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines








Island of Occidental Mindoro & Southern Luzon Region

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Family Missions International (FMI) is a comprehensive organization reaching out to the youth, children and families in the Asia-Pacific area and especially to the Southern Tagalog Region of the Philippines in Occidental Mindoro, Tagaytay Cavite and Southern Luzon in Bicol.

FMI offers programs and services such as school-supplies for children, feeding and nutrition programs, educational & vocational development, medical & dental missions, livelihood/ micro-enterprise training and spiritual/social programs.

1. To provide comprehensive ministry to youth and children in targeted villages & small towns by offering educational, health, nutrition & livelihood training as well as other services to eventually improve the physical & spiritual lives of the whole family.

2. To assist and teach families the benefits of working towards economic self sufficiency.

3. To instill a sense of responsibility and to help people realize that they can learn and bring about positive changes in themselves, their families and community.

4. To introduce the Good News of the Gospel to families and relatives, teaching them to be true followers and witnesses of Christ and eventually to bring and disciple other members of the community.

5. To work together with every family in a village in promoting awareness in the power of united vision leading towards a better tomorrow for the present and future generations.

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  • To share God's love and the hope we have in Jesus Christ.
  • To show God's love through service. (We believe that the best way to help people is to first help them find their way back to God and be reconnected to their Source of life and everything that is good.)
  • To be God's hands and feet in the field by serving and responding to the needs arising in an ever changing world.
  • To disciple and equip disciplers from children to youth to adults so that the Lord may raise them up to become mission workers in the harvest field.
  • To equip the mission workers who are called to go to other countries as missionaries.
  • To establish strategic mission centers in Mindoro Island and Southern Luzon to penetrate remote villages with the Word of God.
  • To work with local churches where a mission center is established and to plant churches whenever the need arises.

We envision the Southern Tagalog Region, the whole island of Mindoro and as well as Bicol & Albay areas as a region of self-reliant communities united by faith in God, respect, care for creation, human life and dignity, enjoying freedom, justice and peace, fulfilling their mission in the church and the world.

Eventually, to take and plant this vision on every island where we are invited in the Philippines and in every country where we are called to go. 

We believe that the Philippines is called to be a launching pad for missionaries to go to every tribe and nation so that the gospel of the Kingdom can be preached so that Jesus can return.