End of Summer
Dear Friends,  Welcome to our latest FMI Newsletter that covers this past summer 2011. This year Mitzu, I and Natalie have stayed the longest in the Philippines that we ever have (except for when we were living there about 10 years ago).  

Important to Me
So many wonderful things have happened with FMI that it seems we can only share the tip of the iceberg (or should I say 'volcano' - haha) with you. If I had to say, for me the most significant things would be 1) our amazing staff, workers and members, 2) all the expanding of outreaches for the children and youth, 3) our relationship building with the Tagaytay Ministerial Fellowship, and 4) our continuing desire to reach those who no one else is wanting to reach and to help in both spiritual and practical ways.

The work continues in two regional areas:  First, on the ridge of the Taal Lake and volcano in the section of Tagaytay called the Mendez- Tagaytay Road.  The second area in on the island of Occidental Mindoro in the rural villages and to the mountain tribal people.

10 Year Anniversary
The next 12 months will be our 10 year anniversary for the FMI work in the Philippines. So, stay tuned for some more updates.

Next I would like to simply share with you excerpts of news directly from the hand of our FMI staff and workers. (All the photos on the right are from the summer 2011 activities.)  

Let's hear from them:

Department of Interior Certified
Ptra. Sion:  I have a good news to you Ptr David and Sis Ptra Mitzu.  Ptr Eric and I attended the 2 days seminar; the NACPHIL seminar which means National Auxilliary Chaplaincy Philippines. It was sponsored by our Tagaytay Ministerial Fellowship. This program was empowered by the government and signed by the DILG or Dept. of Interior and Local Gov't secretary Jessie Robredo, and we Pastors are being commissioned and appointed in two areas:  1) as Moral Recovery lecturers at the same time as 2) provincial, town, city and barangay chaplains. I'm appointed as chaplain in Crossing Mendez West and Ptr Eric in Patutong. We were given full authority to conduct moral recovery program to all the village officials and constituents and to even have an office in each of the municipal halls.
This is now the answer to our prayers to penetrate the 7 mountains and 1 of them is the government. Next week we will have an oath taking together with the city and barangay (district) officials in the city hall.  Please pray for us regarding this matter.

Sharing from the FMI workers:
Prayer Meetings and Dawn Watch Results
I am so blessed about the prayer meeting last night. There were 5 youth from pabahay who attended the meeting, Pastora shared about the 4 spiritual laws which govern our relationship with God..they participated and enjoyed what they've heard, they humbled themselves and admitted thier sins...i believe that God will continue to work in thier lives..and grow spiritually through His words..and i know God will also use them for the expansion of His kingdom.. Everything is for His glory..Praise the Lord! He reigns!..(=

K-WAV Kid's Ambassadors
‎... Wow.. ! I'm blessed by the K-WAVer's (Children's ministry) from Patuto... God is really at work.  Our K-WAVer's Ambassadors (the kids) just started their tasks.. A little bit shy but excited to be set apart for God's work.. I'm encouraged seeing them committed to perform the task given to them.. They learn to visit the other K-WAVer's, and encourage them, and pray for them & lead them .. They learn to love & care for other kids... Also, our FUND RAISING succeeded... We're saving money so that we could have (K-WAV) projects to do... We can do it through Christ who strengthens us.. To God be the Glory ... For He alone deserves it..
Youth and Music Pastor
It's raining again. It's like blessings from up above flooding every area of my life-my thirsty heart. Indeed, God is amazing and never runs out of things that I need. He is more than enough. He is more than able. :) Yesterday is a great day just as it is today. God gave us fair weather so that we we're able to dried up our clothes. :)  Moreover God gave us also the opportunity to visit our outreaches. My prayer before I went out yesterday is, 'Lord, I don't want to waste this time, this opportunity to be sent off by You. Give me persons to talk with and share something about you. I with RJ went to Pabahay, I told him while walking to pray for the place we are about to cross. We went through different road going to Pabahay. I never stop praying while walking, my prayer before I leave the mission house was always on my lips. When we reached Pabahay, I approach 1 youth and somehow talk with him for a short time.

But I'm not satisfied, I don't to go back in the mission house with this feeling and I said, 'Lord, there is more.' So RJ and me started to depart the place and while on our way going home, the Lord spoke to my heart to visit once more the K-WAVE and their parents. God is amazing! The first K-WAVE house that we visited is what my heart longs for. I was blessed when I met the mother of John Carlo, she's very hospitable. We talk about something and I started to share some words from the Bible. Praise God. She was very happy that we visited them and she said she wants to visit our church one day. And that could be on Sunday and the coming Sundays or other coming days. Praise God!
Youth Coming In
God is truly doing amazing things.. Young People from from Pabahay came to the mission house to join us. We encouraged them by letting them watch some videos that we have prepared. Thank God many responded. Some of them will come again tomorrow and some on Sunday afternoon. They are willing to be a part of the Y-WAVE (Youth ministry) and I can see in the near future that even their parents will come to our church and give their life to God. We need more prayer for 
these young people in Pabahay, I believe that God will also use them for the expansion of His kingdom here on earth.. All for God's glory. Our God reigns..
God is true to His Promises.. He is an immutable God- He never change.. We are praying for more souls to win and God already answered our prayers. We went to Pabahay today to see the life style of young people there for our strategy to reach them out. I didn't expect their responses when we approach them. They were so excited to join the Y-WAVErs. Tomorrow they will come and visit our church. let's to pray for them.. Jesus rules!
Visiting the Kid's Families
These are the K-WAVE Las Brizas (see photos). After teaching them I with Stephen visited their houses. A little bit tiring yet fulfilling and challenging when we saw their houses and their poor living conditions. I was moved by God to pray for one parent and i believe God is now working in her life. I'm excited to see the families of these children serving the Lord.. Let's continue to pray for them. =)
One thing I learned while having the FMI staff meeting is , "If you want to catch a fish, pray that God would give you the fish to be catch".  That's definitely right !!! Yesterday, before we left the church , we prayed that God would give us the fish to be catch . God brought us somewhere in Payapa, Mendez (we don't know the place ) after we visited the K-WAVE parents.. We went to a house, at first we want to go & leave 'cause the mother face seems so scary- it seems she's angry..  But we go & make a big smile to them, and say " HELLO". And when they ask us where are we going ,we said that were just giving a tracks & we've just visited our K-WAVE's 'cause we're teaching kids about Jesus. We meet Sis. Luzviminda ,bro. Bert, & Sis. Sandra. They are so happy hearing that we're teaching kids & they want us to come again to visit & share more with them. We also meet ate Luzviminda's special child daughter namely Abegail.. 
I had a nice talk with her. I do believe God has something to do in her life.  It's nice to talk with them but we have to go 'cause we might be disturbing them 'cause Ate Luzviminda was washing clothes.. We render them a prayer before we leave, they request us to pray for the provision of the Lord in their 
everyday living, strength when they work,& good health for their family.  I've been challenged when Bro. Bert tell us that before we return, we see to it that there's something good change in their lives...:) I know we can't, but God can handle it...!!! ... There's nothing impossible to Him .. This is just the start of catching fish ,I , Ate Anabelle & Kuya Arjay ...  We can catch fish more, as of now we're just first learning the right "Technic" how to catch it....:) :) :) We can do it through Christ who strengthens us ..
Personal Testimony from Anabelle
To follow God doesn't mean to be free from trials, troubles and problems. He didn't told us that if we follow Him we will no longer encounter persecutions and criticism. actually, the more we desire to seek and know his plan..the more the discouragement we'll experience.....I was once in that situation.. i don't know what to do, what to think, and where to go. I started to ask myself WHY?.."what's wrong with me?" I follow Him but Why is it that things seems so different of what life i am expecting to have..My friends left me..my family and all my love ones were starting to dislike me. but i don't know what's the reason behind. I try to pleased them and share what God has promised because of seeking Him first..but they reject me. They always insisted that I have no good future in this kind of life i have chosen..this will only make me miserable.. but i don't give up! i proved them that they were wrong. I go on my journey with God. it's amazing that i began to see what God is doing in the life of my loved ones. Little by little they were already letting me to choose what my heart beats..and that is to serve God. My life becomes colorful..and now i can say that GOD complete me..he changed me..and i have now eternal life..i can say..this is the Best gift i've ever had b4..my friends, especially my family look me as an ANGEL..(praise God for that!) (=

OK everyone... try to keep in touch and let us know if you would like to come over and work with us.  There are many things planned for the future.  You would be more than welcomed!

David, Mitzu and Natalie

The Philippine Islands - Asia

FMI Youth Y-WAVEr's pose for a photo!

Youth doing cultural dance!
Youth Community Service Clean Up
More Community Clean Up
A Wonderful Witness to the Community!
Y-WAVE House Meeting in Pabahay!
Anabelle - FMI Worker & Worship Leader
K-WAV Small Children's Churches
Beautiful children with loads of potential.
Maricon is the Assistant K-WAV pastor.
Crossing Mendez West behine Novo!
Payapa K-WAV Kid's Church.
Feeding Program in Payapa.
Yum, yum... nutritious food!

Payapa Helpers!  Thank you!

Kid's saying "thank you" to all of you!

K-WAV Kid's praying!

Carla's group bless the K-WAV Kids!

Do we believe in Community
Service or what?

More of the same!

Even more!

A number of our staff is from here.

Ptra. Sion ministering to the Kids.

Part of the Worship Team.

Help us Lord to show You!
Rinalyn Tolosa

To be with a family - that's what everyone wants . But would you choose to be with your family when God wants you to be with Him,too...? Would you be brave enough to follow God , which means leaving your family though it hurts ?  Ready to face life whatever painful words that you heard ?

I was once in that situation... I needed to leave the nest of my family just to realize God's dream for my life ; to follow God & know His will. It really hurts ! Especially when you know that your family was expecting you for something & if you haven't meet this something for them, they might exclude you in your family.  Who will you choose to follow ? Is it your family who prioritize worldly affairs ?

Or is it God who wants to set you apart for His works ? It's really hard to decide 'cause you know that in order to choose , one must be sacrifice . But God wants you to decide for Him to know who's first in you .  Praise God ! I've made the right decision when I'm in a dillema period.  I learned to put God first in my life . As Matthew 6:33 says,( As you seek first His kingdom & righteousness all things will be added unto you ). God said ALL THINGS & not just some thing , that time I begun to trust in God & in His promises... And I have proved it right ! Thanks be to God 'cause He never allow me to do my own will . Now,I have nothing to repent of 'cause God help to do what is best.  This time, my family looks on me differently . :) They were amazed seeing the "new Rinalyn" , so, when I visited them , they no longer want me to leave them...  Not because they want me to work for them but because they want to learn & know Jesus more . Glory to God ! That even though for just 5 days I'm with them, through Christ who strengthens me,I MADE IT!!! I have boldly share Jesus to them.

Even my father, cannot believe that I can now share Jesus unto Him, never thinking what he response.. I don't care if he become angry to me . All I care is his life - his salvation ! My father only keeps quiet & my mother,too. My mother was inspired of the came out from my mouth & she praise me but I said ," It's no longer I that lives in my body but Christ ." 

The enemy has nothing to do . He is a loser.  I was really amazed of what God has done.. SO GREAT !!! I saw the fire that is burning while I'm praying for my youngest brother .. I'm excited seeing this.. That only means the VICTORY has NOW COME !! And I do believe that it's now the beginning...

"As for me & my house we will serve the Lord ".. EXCITING ..!! 
God has something to do ... And I'm waiting ....

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