End of Autumn Newsletter...

I hope all of you received our 'End of Summer' update and you were excited about all that is happening.   It was filled with pictures of smiling children and info about the neighborhoods we are expanding into.  Then... there were the pictures of the continuing community service that the youth do on a regular basis... Then, there was the new certification by the Dept. of the Interior for the moral recovery of the city.... Then, there were the personal testimonies of Rinalyn, Anabelle and the update from Ptr. Eric.  And last, but not least we reminded you that this is our 10 year anniversary (2011-12).

Just to let you know... The work continues in three regional areas:  First (1st), on the ridge of the Taal Lake and volcano in the section of Tagaytay called the Mendez- Tagaytay Road (this is now our headquarters).  The second (2nd) area is on the island of Occidental Mindoro in the lowland rural villages near the sea, and third (3rd) to the mountain tribal people called the Mangyans.

This coming year we are planning many outreaches to the mountain tribal people in different areas as well as continuing the ministry in the Island of Mindoro and to our local squatters. Mitzu will share more about that with you in our 'End of the Year' report.

Youth YWAVERs Community Concerts

If you didn't guess already "YWAVE" is the name of our youth group.... It means "YOUTH WITH A VISION FOR EXCELLENCE"!  The youth held two community concerts during the last couple of weeks that ministered to hundreds of young people.

The pictures on the right tell part of the story.  First, you can see the FMI Youth pastor (Eric) singing at the evening concert. The first concert was in the daytime and then a few days later was the 'evening' concert.   Both concerts were held at our FMI Center. In order to get ready for the concerts Ptr. Eric  first started a music and worship school to create a youth band... all the players on instruments have been trained by him and quickly risen to stardom (smile).  The concerts enjoyed scores, if not a couple hundred youth who came and were ministered to responding to the call to come and be rescued from the mud and filth of this miry world.  

The theme was that we all were lost in Egypt (a type of this world) and finally a 'deliverer' came and rescued us out of slavery and bondage.  He "Came to my Rescue"!  The youth of the Philippines are in desperate need to hear this message.  

The Philippines today is tormented with various social afflictions – poverty, crime, corruption, and indifference. Just as Jose Rizal (the George Washington of the Philippines) and others like him exclaimed, the task of cultivating the motherland is burdened upon the youth. Hence, how can we address these social ills plaguing Philippine Society? What role does the youth play in addressing these social ills?  Answering that question is what FMI is all about!

On the right you can see some of the photos of the FMI youth who have experienced life saving experience... Just look at their faces and tell me what you see.

Direct update from Ptr. Eric received right now....  Praise God! It was a great and special day for the students because it was the turning point of their lives, they cried out to God and accepted Jesus. Actually, as we do the follow-up now through visitation and sending them message through text, one of them her name is Michelle sent me a message saying: "I'm so thankful that I've attended your concert, I really enjoyed and I was really touched by God. All of you there became my inspiration to change my life and do the will of God. Thanks. God bless". That message really touched my heart and motivates me to continue the ministry. We can see now the success of the concerts now, many youths committed in dance, music and drama/skit ministry and the same time many youths from Pabahay and crossing are now attending our services in both morning and afternoon.

Youth Water Baptism

FMI shares with the youth the classic journey that every person must make.  When you find yourself in the chains of the world, when you find yourself in bondage to habits, alcohol, drugs, sex, broken relationships... it is time to get out of Egypt and go through the Red Sea (water baptism) on your way to the promised land.  

We all seek a way to be washed not just on the outside but 'inside' our hearts, our minds.  The Youth need a fresh start, a new beginning... and Jesus has shown the way.  So, here they are following the Lord in the waters of baptism.  They are on their way to a new life in Christ.  They are on their way to fulfill the purpose for each of their lives.

Near the bottom on the right side of photos you can see some University students preparing blessing packages for the squatter children who come to the FMI Center in Tagaytay.  In addition to teaching, singing and gift giving we always have a nutritious feeding program for the kids.

So much to share...

I will need to send another short news letter soon as we have unfolding developments.  Just as I am writing this we received a phone call about entering into negotiations for the purchase of land for a permanent FMI homebase headquarters.  Of course the property is a perfect location.  The purchase price is $75,250.00 and must be paid in 6 months.  If the Lord places this on anyone's heart just let us know (smile).  Please say a little prayer for us as we progress in this direction.

Thank you for all your encouragement, prayers and support.

Love in Christ,

David, Mitzu and Natalie
YWAVE Youth Concerts
Ptr. Eric singing at the Evening Concert
YWAVE Youth Band
Everyone was excited!
The FMI Youth YWAVErs smiling!
The concert was filled with youth.
Youth wanting to get out of Eqypt..
"I want to have a new life"
"those who know the joyful sound"
Changed lives of a generation...

Youth Water Baptism
Filling the jeepney to get there...
Waiting in line...
It's time to get baptised!
Renewed, happy lives!
Youth Community Service

University students preparing packages

Giveaway program to squatter children

Students being a blessing to little ones
Possible FMI future property

Thank you for having an interest to help those across the waters...

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